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It’s Time For A Fresh New Perspective On Sales

How many times can you hire a sales speaker or trainer to present the same outdated, old-fashioned and plain old tired sales methods that have lost the power to inspire your sales people? And, have lost the power to inspire your prospects and customers to do business with you?

Sales success in today’s hyper-competitive markets demands a bold new perspective on sales and customer behaviors that is perfectly aligned with today’s sales environment.

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In my keynotes and workshops, I combine more than 30 years of hands-on experience in sales, management, sales consulting & training, with unique insights from leading-edge research in diverse disciplines such as decision theory, behavioral economics, psychology, sociology, marketing and sales to teach sellers, managers, CEOs and business owners the science of exactly how buying and selling work.

And then I translate the science into powerful and practical sales strategies that every sales organization can easily use to immediately amp up their sales.

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Keynote & Workshop Presentation Topics

Customized for keynote presentations, breakout sessions or full-day programs to match the theme and outcome of your corporate event or sales meeting, my dynamic presentations include:


Zero-Time Selling™:

10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales

Based on my award-winning book of the same name, Zero-Time Selling shows how any sales team can dramatically improve its sales results through a focus on refining and improving the effectiveness of a few core sales processes. I provide strategies that every sales team can easily implement using the resources they have on hand to maximize lead conversions, optimize individual sales performance, energize their customer base and protect their profit margins by creating a tangible and sustainable sales differentiation based on something other then price.

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Amp Up Your Sales: 

Powerful Strategies That Move Customers To Make Fast and Favorable Decisions

Want to sell more? Then it’s essential to teach your sales team how customers really gather information about new products; how they choose which salespeople to talk to; the value they need to receive from salespeople and the key events that influence their decision-making. Selling is not about the salesperson. It is about the customer.  In this presentation I pull back the curtain on the incredibly powerful, but overlooked, factors that influence every customer as they go through their decision-making process. And I provide powerful and practical strategies that every salesperson can use to earn trust, build credibility and deliver tangible value that will move your customers to make fast and favorable purchase decisions.

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Selling with Maximum Value: 

5 Vital Strategies to Maximize the Value of Every Sales Touch in the Least Time

In this session  I teach sales teams how to plan and execute every sales interaction with their prospects, no matter how small or how important, to deliver the Maximum Value in the least time possible. One thing that all customers have in common is a shortage of time. They want to gather the information they need to make good decisions quickly. And if salespeople don’t deliver strong value in the time the customer gives them then there may be no more time for them. I provide step-by-step directions for five proven sales strategies that will  maximize the value and power of your selling at each step of the customer’s buying process; resulting in compressing sales cycles and winning more orders.

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 Additional Sales Seminar and Workshop Topics

Speaking & TrainingFrequently sought after for my fresh perspective on sales, I present sales seminars and sales workshops to C-suite executives, organizations, associations and conferences. Popular topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The New Rules for Hiring Top Sales Talent
  • Selling Through Customer Service
  • Maximizing Margins: Why Negotiate When You Can Sell?
  • Developing Sales Presentations That Win The Sale

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