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Powerful and Practical Sales Strategies to Maximize The Value and Power Of Your Sales Processes

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Free eBookSelling with Maximum Impact in the Least Time

Learn 3 key strategies to deliver maximum value to your prospects at each step of your sales process when you Sell with Maximum Impact in the Least Time (MILT).

Free eBookIntroduction to Zero-Time Selling

Download and read this introductory excerpt from my award-winning, best-selling book Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps To Accelerate Every Company’s Sales (MILT).

Free eBookThe Essential Guide To Effective Sales Lead Follow-up

Convert more leads into orders, and do it faster, when you follow the proven strategies described in The Essential Guide To Effective Sales Lead Follow-up..

Free eBookThe Simple Sales Plan

I have perfected an incredibly effective, yet simple, sales planning process that you can use to develop sales action plans that will guide you to achieve your sales goals. Start planning now with The Simple Sales Plan..

Free eBookFoolproof Prospect Qualification

Learn how to build a solid pipeline of truly qualified prospects with strategies for quickly and accurately qualifying the right prospects in my eBook titled Foolproof Prospect Qualification..

Free eBook4 Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Sales Hiring

Learn the essential techniques you must use to identify, screen, interview, test and hire the best sales candidates for your sales organization with 4 Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Sales Hiring..

Free eBookIs Follow-up An Art or An Attitude?

Being responsive to prospects is critical to your sales success. And it all starts with follow-up. I give you 4 proven strategies to perfect your responsiveness in Is Follow-up An Art or An Attitude?.


Watch this! I joined my friends Mike Weinberg, Mark Hunter and Miles Austin for an informative and spirited round-table discussion (and sometimes a debate!) about the best strategies for moving customers faster to yes.


Brand new interview with Thomas White, CEO of the C-Suite Network, on The C-Suite Radio Network. I was a guest on his show about The Secrets to Sales Success. Click below to listen today!

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Click below to listen to this great session with Jim Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association. He interviewed me on his radio show and the topic was “Is There A Formula For Selling In Today’s Markets?”

A lot of valuable sales information was shared during my guest spot on Deb Calvert’s radio show. The topic of our conversation was “Convert More Leads Into Sales.” Click below to listen.

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